Water-soluble supplements

Nuvisol Hatch & Nuvisol Heat are water-soluble supplements, developed to optimize productivity in poultry and are specifically formulated for administration through the drinking water.

Vitamins are of great importance for the well-being and productivity of animals. Stress, vaccination, illness, etc. ... can increase the demand for these nutrients and make vitamin supplementation desirable.

Nuvisol Hatch

Nuvisol Hatch was specifically developed to improve hatchling quality. Optimization of nutrient use from the yolk sac and increased supply of essential nutrients stimulate the immune response, promote better growth and reduce mortality.

Nuvisol Heat

Administration of Nuvisol Heat during and after periods of heat stress prevents dehydration, stabilizes pH and helps to restore electrolyte balances. The supply of Nuvisol Heat through drinking water will also help to overcome the shortage of nutrients caused by a lower feed intake.

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